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Grace T. Kim, R. Ac.
Master Healer, Author, Coach, Medium

Master Energy Healer and Acupunturist
5th Dan Master MooGongRyu Taekwondo
Instructor Certification: Vinyasa Yoga & ThetaHealing®
Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner
Creator, AcuWiz® Balance Method Online Course


More about me...

  • over 10 years' experience in professional energy healing

  • over 20 years' experience in Acupuncture work

  • over 30 years of practice with Life Force & meditation

  • she was born in Canada and is now based in Asia and France with her husband and daughter.

  • she delivers most of her sessions online for her international clientele.

  • Sessions are available in English or French

My journey started with my innate clairvoyant/intuitive abilities as a young child. With a martial arts grandmaster-acupuncturist as a father, I started my meditation practice at the age of four.  This early appreciation for cultivating Life Force energy allowed me to develop my energy healing and clairvoyant skills quickly.  Naturally, I followed my dad's footsteps and become a martial arts master and acupuncturist, but my path had an unexpected twist.

Long story short, my journey to become a master healer started with leaving a career in competitive martial arts, and dropping out of a pre-medical program at the University of Toronto to become an acupuncturist, psychic medium, coach and author of a book, Life Force Revolution: the Missing Key to Health & Happiness.  

My mission is to unlock your personal power and help you create positive change.  My clients are mainly CEOs, business owners, leaders and other healers/ascended masters.  

My passion is to teach and to heal. My students are of all backgrounds and levels of ability.


Thank you for taking the time in getting to know me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dedicated to your journey,


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