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Grace can help you navigate uncertain times by providing the following:

  • future readings*

  • remote viewing of people** (for business/love/family)

  • past life readings

200usd/session (up to 60minutes) 

Package of five sessions 900usd (save $100)

*Please note that future projections could change based on the decisions or actions of anyone involved in any given time. So it is advised to check your forecast if a change of plans have occurred.

**We respect people's privacy and Grace offers just enough insight to help clients make better decisions.

Compass on map


You can communicate with your deceased loved ones and spirit guides/interdimensional beings through Grace's clarivoyance and channeling abilities.

  • Get answers

  • Receive and give messages

  • Find peace and/or clarity


Extra 50usd per additional sitting person (max. 4 people)

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