Energy Healing

In addition to qi gong/ki gong and meditation, Grace T. Kim practices a type of energy healing that  removes energy blocks in the form of feelings, subconscious beliefs, cellular memory, and more. The process starts with a guided meditation and the rest of the work is done by Grace. Clients can choose to either sit or lie down during the session. More on the process in the FAQs below.

Clear unwanted negative energy and occurrences.  Identify and reprogram unknown subconscious beliefs and/or feelings that block you from making positive change. 

200usd/ 60 minutes

bundle of five sessions for 900usd

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Is this a type of hypnosis or reiki?

This is not hypnosis or reiki. You are conscious and in control throughout the session.  In fact you are participating in each and every step by giving me permission for every detail that I clear.  Although Reiki is a form of energy healing, the modality is different.  However, very advanced master Reiki healers are capable of doing this type of energy healing that is widely practiced other disciplines (i.e. yogi masters) who access the same information by connecting to the divine source energy through deep meditation.  In fact, I have taught many Reiki practitioners to do this type of healing through my pop-up courses.

What is a session like?

We start with a guided meditation.  After I ask permission to connect with your energy, I will ask you permission to clear energy blocks that I detect.  All you have to do is say "yes" or "No".  I will do the rest. To clarify, I am not doing the healing but rather I am just witnessing it.  I am just the radio box or witness and the healing is done by a higher divine force. There may be brief questions asked to clarify what I see, but for the most part I will be doing most of the talking to be as efficient as possible. 

Is this energy healing just a placebo?

This type of energy healing is more sophisticated and complex than simply depending on the conscious belief that you will get better.  The placebo is a superficial conscious belief that helps heal the body because the mind is very powerful.  However, this energy work deals with deeper subconscious beliefs and feelings that are not connected to your conscious mind.  Some of which do not originate from this lifetime.


One can believe that the energy healing works in the his/her conscious mind. However, without clearing subconscious beliefs/feelings (*that are unbeknownst to the client), the healing may not be completed.  So there is a lot more work involved than simply believing that healing will happen in one's logical conscious brain.  

What are subconscious beliefs?

Let's use the analogy of computers.  Your body and mind are the hardware and the software on your computer is your conscious mind. The iCloud/internet storage is your subconscious mind.  My job is to remotely connect your account and identify and clean up the cookies and viruses that are disrupting your computer software unbeknownst to you.  The cookies and viruses are your unwanted energy blocks (subconscious beliefs/feelings).  

*The subconscious mind controls 90% of your automated responses and what you attract in your life no matter what you consciously believe. 

Do I have to speak during the session?

It is better to let me do all the talking to get as much clearing done in the time that we have.  I may ask you a question to clarify something that I may not be able to understand. It is best to save your questions and/or comments until the end of the session.

Can I heal another person even if they are not present during the session?

We can only heal the person who is having the session, because we must respect another person's free will and we must ask permission for every detail that is changed or healed. * The only exception is if the person is in a coma, because I will then be able to connect to their higher consciousness and communicate with the higher self. 

How many sessions do I need?

Every individual will require different amounts of time.  On average, people come to me to clear unwanted negative patterns that are caused by block originating from a variety of this lifetime, past lives, ancestors, mass consciousness and/or on the soul level. So if you have never done any healing work of this nature and it is your first time, it would be common to require at least five hours, which is why I provided the bundle of five sessions for discounted rate.  * Get a free 30 minute consultation to find out more

What benefits does the bundle of five sessions give me?

The sessions are pre-paid and I receive random requests for bookings at any given day.  So if you know that you are requiring a number of hours, it helps to sign up for the bundle to get priority bookings.  For the best results, I try to space out the session no more than two days to a few days apart.  After giving the consultation, I encourage each client to take control over how often or how long they want to do the sessions. 


What else can I do in an energy healing session?

We can distantly clear negative energy stored in your house, office and/or belongings.  Objects store memories and energy from previous owners.  It is important to clean them energetically. 

Do I need to believe in it in order for the healing to work?

As long as you are open and willing for the healing to happen, it doesn't matter what you believe or disbelieve. 

Do you subscribe to a religion for this healing?

I connect to a divine energy source that is universal. I respect all religions and my client's belief systems during the sessions. 

What do I have to do to prepare for the healing session?

Make sure that you are hydrated. Avoid alcohol the day before our session and have a tall glass of water during your sitting. 

Do you also clear curses, entities, black magic, or voodoo?

Yes, I can.

Can I record my session?

As a policy, voice/video recordings of my sessions are restricted. You are welcome to write down notes during the sessions.

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