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Manifesting Mistakes

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

There are rules to manifesting. Some of you who are new to this may be making mistakes that could backfire unbeknownst to you. After reading this, I hope that you'll be able to attract your wishes with better efficacy. Here are the things that you cannot manifest:

  1. Things blocked by your subconscious

  2. Making someone love you

  3. Making people change

  4. Winning the lottery

  5. Someone else's demise

  6. Your DNA

Things blocked by your subconscious

Your subconscious stores a lot of unknown beliefs and feelings that may be sabotaging your efforts in achieving or attracting your desired outcome. It is important to understand that the subconscious thoughts and emotions are not connected to your logical brain, so you won't be aware of them.

An example of a subconscious block is an underlying fear of rejection and low self-esteem that compels you to end a relationship before it develops. Another example is a subconscious belief that money is evil, which will repel monetary wealth despite your hard work to attain it.

This is why it is useful to practice mindfulness and meditation in order to identify them, which can take a while because this requires a lot of dedicated practice to get to that level of focus and intuitive insight. If you are new to meditation, it is easier to hire a professional energy healer, like myself, to do the work for you.

Making someone love you

Regardless of your good intentions and sincerity, forcing someone to do something against their free will is black magic, because this is violating the Law of Free Will. There are people who practice this type of unethical manifesting, but they only create very negative karma on themselves in the end.

If you are in a relationship with someone who is no longer interested in you or if you are waiting for someone to finally notice you and start a relationship, it is best to move on and explore on your own self-healing (there could be possible fears of change and/or rejection and beliefs/feelings of unworthiness). Focus on why you are unable to move on rather than forcing a relationship to work.

Making people change

I can understand the appeal of manifesting a loved one to change their toxic ways. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do because it's not our karmic journey. Toxic people are toxic because they are suffering and this is due to a karmic lesson they need to go through. It is completely up to them to make the switch and heal.

Unfortunately, we can't expedite this karmic process with manifesting. We can send them blessings and unconditional love through our thoughts and prayers. We can offer our compassion and support as long as we are not putting ourselves in harm's way (it's crucial to have healthy boundaries). But coercing an individual's transformation before they're ready is basically our ego's way of saying that we know what's good for them. We don't get to decide the timing of their healing for our own convenience, but we can show them the way by focusing on our own well-being and happiness.

Winning the lottery

It's impossible for everyone to successfully manifest the jackpot of a lottery. This limit to manifesting has something to do with our karmic destiny. Some of us are supposed to work for our fortune. If you were to suddenly receive a massive fortune, would you be who your are today? Would you have developed the skills that you have? Would you be meeting the people that you know? Would you be serving others with your talents? Would you even care to develop talents?

Money is just an exchange of energy. It comes, goes and flows. You are better off manifesting how you will be able to successfully serve others with your talents rather than an empty wish of $1 million for example. The intentions behind your manifesting when focused on your service to others will manifest faster when it also fulfils another person's need of your service.

Having a specific number only works when you focus on how your are going to manifest it with massive action and dedication. Rather than sitting on your couch and visualizing all day.

Another tip is to focus on how the fortune will serve you, like freedom to help others or travel. You'll find that when you concentrate on the experience that you want as a result of this perceived desire for fortune, you'll receive it faster and in unexpected ways too.

Someone else's demise

This is the ultimate crime in energy work that only results in bad karma. What goes around comes around - The Law of Reciprocity. No matter how minor your negative thoughts may be, you'll only attract the same kind of negativity in your own path.

Manifesting comes with great responsibility. Once you know that you can do this, you need to be accountable for every thought that you have. You must control any human urge to think negatively about someone and only wish them well. No matter how much suffering this person may have caused. As soon as you start projecting negative thoughts to someone, you subscribe yourself to their toxic karma (i.e. criticism or wishing that karma will teach them a lesson). Choose to be at peace with your life regardless if this person learns from his/her lesson. Just remove yourself from their karma and wish them healing.

Your DNA

You simply cannot change your DNA sequence. You cannot manifest being taller. You cannot manifest being another species. Or changing your eye colour. You can, however, alter genetic memory that deals with feelings and beliefs.

So if you are struggling with weight loss for example, there is a limit to how much you are able to alter. You are able to release any genetic memory of famine (for example, if you have ancestors who experienced famine) that may be storing energy in cellulite from a subconscious belief that the next meal will be days from now. So if your metabolism is influenced by these genetic subconscious programs, you can clear them and hopefully this could help you achieve optimal metabolism. To be clear, this will not change the fact that a person may have bigger bones or wider hips than others. Genetic body types (mesomorphs, ectomorphs and endomorphs) are unchangeable.

Rather than trying to manifest a better body, focus on improving your lifestyle habits to ensure that you are making the best of the body that you are given and cherish it. Explore your subconscious blocks for self-love and your metabolism.

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