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Why Your Manifesting Isn't Working

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

The Law of Attraction involves more than just visualisations. Here are the extra things that you may have overlooked in your manifesting endeavours.

  1. Add Your Feelings

  2. Project Gratitude

  3. Be Specific

  4. Subconscious blocks

  5. Divine Timing

  6. No Massive Action

Add your Feelings

Feelings are strong vibrations that delivers information far more effectively than thoughts. Manifesting is more effective when you vividly visualize what you want with feelings and try to make them feel like actual memories - as if the manifestation already happened. Try to include as much of the senses into the imagery - smell, colour, emotions, sounds and etc.

Project Gratitude

Gratitude is a vibration that amplifies your attraction to what you want. The more appreciation you put out to the universe, the more you will receive. When manifesting, give thanks for your wishes as though you have already received them. The fact that they are not present, will compel the universe to correct the imbalance by the Law of Attraction.

Be Specific

The key is being as detailed as possible. If you send out a request to the universe that is too general, you risk leaving figuring out the details on your own through life experience. For example, let's say that you are looking for a future love partner. And let's also say that you simply manifest a 'good partner', you may get a business partner rather than a romantic partner, because you weren't specific enough. Or... a good person may come into your life, but may not have common interests with you because you simply did add this to your visualization. Be absolutely clear about what you want.

Subconscious Blocks

There's nothing more frustrating than subconscious thoughts and/or feelings sabotaging your manifestation efforts. The worst thing is, you're completely unaware that this is happening because they're not in your logical mind rather they're in your subconscious. Subconscious blocks are like cookies or viruses stored in your icloud and somehow disrupting your computer's operating system. You can clean them up by seeking a professional energy healer like myself or you can try self-healing, which may take a while if you aren't already meditating and practicing some form of energy healing. Either way, the journey is worth it.

Divine Timing

Sometimes there are delays in your manifesting because the universe still needs to align the stars for your manifesting to happen. Certain chain of events need to happen in order for the people and circumstances to appear at the right time. This is divine timing.

Some people are karmically required to go through struggles in life in order to learn a significant life lesson that will significantly serve them on their path. Should these karmic lessons be avoided, this will further delay the manifesting and the life experience will reappear in another situation. Patience is the key in this case and just focus on being present every day.

No massive Action

Good luck = opportunity + preparedness.

Without massive action, you'll be manifesting the opportunities but you won't be ready for them.

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